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The dark side of Ambiance by danMF The dark side of Ambiance by danMF
Just another drop of artwork I published on GNOME-Look. Well, publish isnít the right word. Itís just a cherry-pick from the lp:light-themes in which an official dark-variant of Ubuntuís default theme, Ambiance, was still available. All the work is from Canonical Design Team, this is just me reviving and making a popular theme install easier, again. I leave youÖ

with the usual testament about my 5min of work to get this done, readable over on GNOME-Look.

Thisís Ambiance Maverick Dark variant, released during Maverick cycle as a WIP, made by Canonical Design Team.

I just cherry picked the last bzr commit of lp:light-themes in which this variant is still included and made a package.

The theme, as Canonicalís Otto Greenslade says, is
Ö work in progress and *at this stage* is not necessarily intended as a full theme but to be used by certain application environments that would benefit from a darker UI, for example: image/photo manipulation and video editing.

Also, GTK is, for a while in fact, capable of loading a dark variant of the current gtk theme to a specific app. Apps like GIMP, Pitivi, OpenShot or Shotwell may probably benefit from this feature in the next Ubuntu releases.

But this dark-variant is also pretty much suitable for daily use to all dark-theme lovers, so Iím posting it here. It has the usual quirks with GNOME dark-themes, mainly with text entry widgets and it hasnít been updated with the new light-themes changes, such as more contrast in disabled menu items, progress bar improvements, squared windows border, and the fix to menu items slowdown (although I think itís barely noticeable here). But nothing of this is a big show-stopper to its use in a daily basis, so go ahead and download it! ;)

All credits go to the always superb Canonical Design Team!

Extra: If you want to give your desktop a little icon contrast, this Faenza Dark iconset blends stunningly great with Ambiance Maverick-Dark! ;)

Download @
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malisremac Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011
Nice! :)
TindaNarmo Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
Tenemos el mismo gusto! ;) Yo también tengo el desk con ese tema y esos iconos.
He aprovechado y lo he comentado en el blog, [link]

Cuídate! ^^
Rasa13 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
just wanted to add~
Ive been using this since last night,
and ive not seen one bug/negative thing yet.
in every application, every window,
it is perfect.
no little annoyances like there is with just about all the dark themes around.
this is very niice,
Im going to be putting it on a few computers as their main interface. lol
Niice work! <3
danMF Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
Thanks for your kind words! Really appreciated (and I'm sure Canonical Design Team also would like them :)
Rasa13 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
Most welcome!
and many thanks for your great work!
Canonical should definitely pick up on this!

Ive still yet to find any issues with this. :D
A rare thing in the world of dark GTK themes. lol

It really is great, and I cant believe more people havent picked up on it yet!

Thanks mate, <3
Keep it up! :D
Rasa13 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
using it now,
looks great! :D
Rasa13 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
niice one!
Thank you. <3
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October 21, 2010
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